French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. A major world language, French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents. It has about 76.8 million native speakers worldwide.
Here are some free resources you can use to make French your new language!

  • Larousse French Dictionary – Online French dictionary with definitions in French, example sentences, a section of synonyms and antonyms, tables of verb conjugations, quotes where each word is used, and learning difficulties
  • Linguee – Online English <-> French dictionary and translator and example sentences from the web
  • Wordreference – An online dictionary that includes a forum where users can ask vocabulary and grammar related questions about the language
  • Reverso – Online English <-> French dictionary with example sentences
  • Cooljugator French – Online French verb conjugator with translations in English
  • Lingolia French– Grammar information for learners who love tables
  • Tex’s French Grammar– a collection of useful grammar lessons and exercises, verbs, dialogues, vocabulary and adjectives in French with explanations in English
  • Le Point du FLE– Online grammar exercises and tests for all levels, in French only
  • Bonjour de France – Improve French grammar with online exercises by level
Online Courses
YouTube Channels
  • Comme une Française – Useful French videos on everyday topics and real situations
  • Learn French with Vincent – Video courses to go from beginner to advanced, useful grammar and vocabulary lessons
  • Learn French with Alexa – French video courses for learners of all levels, “YouTube’s most awesome French teacher”
  • YouLearnFrench – Basic words and phrases in French with easy to follow videos, quizzes and songs, also for native Spanish speakers
  • Français avec Pierre – French lessons for intermediate and advanced learners, videos in French only with subtitles in English
  • Easy French – Learn French from the streets, the way natives speak it! With transcriptions and subtitles in English
Podcasts and Audio Lessons
TV and Movies
  • France24 – World news from a French perspective
  • TV5 Monde Plus – A collection of movies, series and TV programs in French