Spanish is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula and today has over 483 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and the Americas. It is a global language, the world’s second-most spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese, and the world’s fourth-most spoken language, after English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. Here are some free resources that will help you make this language yours:

  • Spanishdict – Online English <-> Spanish dictionary and translator with example sentences, free courses, online verb conjugator with translations and a Spanish word of the day
  • Linguee – Online English <-> Spanish dictionary and translator and example sentences from the web
  • Wordreference – An online dictionary that includes a forum where users can ask vocabulary and grammar related questions about the language
  • Diccionario de la lengua española – Online Spanish dictionary – Word definitions in Spanish
  • Cooljugator Spanish – Online Spanish verb conjugator with translations in English
  • Aprender Español Gramática – a database of grammar rules and terms plus online exercises for every term
  • El Conjugador – Online Spanish verb conjugator in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German)
  • Lingolia – Learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary online
Online Courses
  • Study Spanish – Improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with free tutorials
  • Memrise Spanish – A collection of free Spanish courses for all levels
  • Duolingo Spanish – Free online Spanish course from absolute beginner to intermediate
  • Fluencia – Online Spanish courses by SpanishDict
YouTube Courses
  • Maria Español – Spanish lessons about all different language skills  – Spanish from Spain
  • Professor Jason –Spanish lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners
  • Spanish with Vicente – Humorous Spanish videos for all levels, a favorite among learners
  • Butterfly Spanish – Spanish lessons about topics to talk about, vocabulary and grammar
  • Why not Spanish – Spanish lessons for beginner and intermediate learners, listening material
  • The Spanish Dude – Spanish lessons with a dose of humor
  • SpanishPod101 – Spanish audio and video lessons – Mexican Spanish
Podcasts and Audio Lessons
  • Spanish Obsessed – A collection of natural sounding Spanish podcasts – Colombian Spanish
  • Hablamos Today – Daily podcasts about current affairs in slow, comprehensible Spanish
  • Cadena Ser – Podcasts about news, history, archaeology, movies, TV, humor etc – Spanish from Spain
  • Game Over – Funny podcasts about videogames
  • News in Slow Spanish – Podcasts about news in slow Spanish, transcripts available
  • Notes In Spanish – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Podcasts
  • 5 Minute Spanish – Podcasts covering grammar concepts in Spanish
  • Real Fast Spanish – a big collection of podcasts in Spanish, covering all language skills and levels
  • Newspapers – A collection of sites of newspapers in the Spanish speaking world
  • Woodward Spanish – A collection of short texts in Spanish with Spanish explanations of unknown words and grammar / vocabulary games
  • 123TeachMe – 550 different reading comprehension passages for all levels with comprehension quizzes
  • Spanish Romance – Spanish short stories and jokes
  • Practical Spanish advanced texts – a collection of texts for advanced learners
  • – Spanish public TV broadcaster plus free series, movies and documentaries


Image by TRAVELKR from Pixabay