How this book was born

I got into language learning by accident as an adult and it has changed me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined.

Before, I thought language learning was a waste of time and money. I thought I could only learn a language in years by doing boring, expensive language classes.

I tried to learn English at school and with English language classes, only to fail when I had the chance to speak it with tourists in the summer.

I did 3 years of French at school only to realize I couldn’t speak a word of French afterwards.

I tried to learn German but I ended up giving it up three times.

The idea of speaking to other people, let alone in another language, terrified me.

So how did I go from this to encouraging people to try free language learning and even write a book about it?

It all started when I decided to test a free language learning website to see if it delivered what it promised.

The first option was to learn Spanish, so I chose Spanish.

As I kept trying this website, an interest in Spanish sparked in me, and I started looking up other ways to learn Spanish online for free.

I got hooked and I discovered ways to teach myself any language out there for free while enjoying every second of the learning process!

I used everything I learned along my journey with Spanish to teach myself 6 more languages. I taught myself 7 languages in 7 years.

This new hobby of mine encouraged me to start believing in myself and my potential. I met people I’d otherwise never meet because they didn’t speak any Greek or English, I moved to Germany, I started speaking in public, I decided to work on my dreams and I help people achieve theirs on a daily basis…

For these reasons, language learning has been the most wonderful accident I’ve ever had. I want it to change your life as much as it did mine, and I believe it can do wonders for you, too!

So, are you tired of spending too much money on language classes and courses with little progress to show for it?

Do you feel others can learn a new language successfully, but you can’t?

Are you eager to learn a new language but are feeling frustrated and lost?

Then Fluent For Free is the book for you!

This practical book will:

  • Debunk the myth that you need to pay a lot of money to learn a language successfully
  • Challenge the belief that you’re not good at languages
  • Teach you how to create your own learning routine to obtain the best results
  • Encourage you to become the leader of your journey and have a lot of fun while learning a new language
  • Help you unlock your hidden potential, overcome any limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and change your life for good

So, are you ready to take that step and make a big change in your life?

Let´s become Fluent For Free!

This can be the last time you spend money on learning a new language…